Supplementing fuel with a fuel additive helps keep the system clean, which is essential, and contributes to the engine’s optimal performance.
Our new range of additives includes products for both petrol and diesel engines. Due to incomplete combustion, the combustion chambers,
injection systems and inlet and exhaust valves become contaminated with carbon deposits. A diesel engine with a common-rail fuel injection
system is a complicated piece of technology which is susceptible to this process. Diesel Treatment helps keep the entire system’s interior clean,
ensures maximum performance in the long run and increases its reliability.

Cooling system additives have been developed to clean contaminated cooling systems.
Contamination can be caused by a number of different things: failing to replace the coolant
and using the wrong quality coolant can lead to extreme contamination with the resulting
adverse consequences. Cleaning the cooling system and using the right quality coolant when
refilling it are the best ways to ensure maximum, original reliability.

Oil additives have a restorative and preventative effect and increase the life span of the engine and its parts. It can also help reduce oil
consumption and seal leaks which can eliminate expensive repairs. Keeping an engine’s interior clean is essential for ensuring efficiency
and reliability. Timely maintenance in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and using the right quality motor oil will guarantee
maximum reliability, low maintenance costs and maximum performance regardless of the driving conditions.