Gazprom Neft - Lubricants Company has started replicating immersive training cases to the regions where its products are distributed. As part of the knowledge transfer program implemented on the basis of the G-Energy Academy, the first 37 partner organizations received the HTC Vive Focus virtual reality helmets with unique educational content.

In the presented virtual simulations, you can train the motor oil sampling technique and develop communication skills by building a dialogue with the G-Energy Service client. Specialized rollers will help to understand the technical aspects of the operation of vehicles and the requirements that apply to modern lubricants. Also, thanks to immersive technologies, you can go on an excursion at one of the most modern oil manufacturing enterprises - the Omsk lubricants plant.

For the convenience of using virtual reality, a unique platform was introduced - the Immersive Simulations Platform (ISP), which allows you to control the process of digital learning remotely. With its help, you can develop and administer projects of virtual and augmented reality: hold meetings, arrange presentations, work together and interact with objects.

Inna Mitina, Head of G-Energy Academy:

“The key to business success is highly qualified staff. Our educational project will help partners and distributors of G-Energy and Gazpromneft oils to prepare about 12,000 specialists. Immersion in a virtual environment can significantly reduce the time and cost of training, while at the same time increasing its effectiveness. "