During the annual New Year’s dinner of GroupAuto Netherlands, the ‘suppliers of the year’ of GroupAuto were announced. All of the partners that supply GroupAuto were evaluated on their performance over 2018. Of all suppliers, Kroon-Oil was crowned ‘Best Overall Supplier of 2018’ an achievement to be very proud of.

Proud Supplier

As a customer-oriented, innovative and growing company, Kroon-Oil aims for the best results every day. Therefore, Kroon-Oil is most proud to receive the prestigious reward for ‘Best Overall Supplier’ from GroupAuto. On January the 15th sales managers Huberto Kuipers and Jan Gelderblom, received the award on behalf of Kroon-Oil and it’s colleagues.

About GroupAuto

GroupAuto Netherlands is a part of the organization GroupAuto International. Our partnership with GroupAuto Netherlands consists of independent wholesalers, universal car companies and leading suppliers.