High-quality engine oil for stationary gas piston engines requiring low ash content lubricants. Developed using a special additive package (Low-SAPS technology) to effectively protect engine parts from the formation of ash deposits, as well as increased protection against the formation of varnish deposits.
Characteristics / Benefits / Potential Benefits
- Low ash content → minimization of ash deposits in the combustion chamber and exhaust system → savings on additional maintenance
- High stability to the formation of high-temperature deposits → protection of engine parts from various types of deposits, in particular cylinder-piston group → reduction of equipment maintenance costs
- Effective wear protection → minimization of wear on the working surfaces of engine parts → saving equipment service life
- Reliable corrosion protection → reducing the negative impact of sulfur-containing components of gas fuel on engine parts → reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime
- For stationary four-stroke gas piston engines.
- Engines operating on natural gas, associated petroleum gas, biogas (when using landfill gas (LFG) and some other types of special gases, technical advice is needed).
- For engines operating in severe conditions on lean mixtures that make up cogeneration plants, including turbocharged ones.