The international rally-raid "Silk Road" starts on July 6 in Irkutsk and ends on July 16 in Chinese Dunhuang. Athletes will overcome ten stages with a total length of 5 thousand kilometers. Along the entire Russian auto route, Gazprom Neft's fuel trucks will fill up the cars and motorcycles of Silk Road members during service stops.

Also throughout the race, G-Energy Racing motor oils produced by Gazprom Neft will be used in the sports trucks of the MAZ-SPORTavto team. Control over the performance of lubricants in extreme racing conditions will be carried out by engineers of a specialized mobile laboratory. With the help of modern diagnostic tools, autooil will be tested by parameters such as the degree of production, the content of impurities, the dynamics of changes in kinematic viscosity. Based on the research results, recommendations will be made to improve the formulation of lubricants.