Gazpromneft - Lubricants' products were named among the winners of the Omsk regional stage of the 100 Best Russian Products competition. The company annually wins prizes, but this year for the first time it will present five types of oils and lubricants products under the Gazpromneft and G-Energy brands at the federal stage of the competition.

Experts assessed each type of product using a matrix that included dozens of characteristics. A comprehensive assessment of the quality, environmental friendliness, safety and health of labor, materials and energy efficiency, as well as other characteristics necessary for an objective determination of the best goods of the regional stage, was carried out. Also, feedback from direct consumers of products influenced the assessment of products.

In the final of the competition, a line of oils and lubricants under the Gazpromneft and G-Energy brands was presented: Gazpromneft GL-4 80W-90 gear oil, developed for use in manual transmissions of passenger cars, trucks and off-road vehicles.

Motor oils Gazpromneft Premium L 10W-40 and Gazpromneft Super 5W-40 are universal all-season semi-synthetic oils that provide maximum protection for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger vehicles.

Hydraulic oil G-Special Hydraulic Nord-32 is an oil with excellent low temperature properties based on synthetic components of group IV and group V according to API classification. Designed for hydraulic systems of mobile equipment operating in the Far North.

Multipurpose lithium grease Gazpromneft Grease L Moly EP 2 with extreme pressure additives and a solid filler. It is used for the lubrication of tractors, excavators, bulldozers, forklift and front-end loaders, crushers, vibrating screens and other industrial equipment and units of vehicles operating in severe operating conditions under ultra-high loads.