Recent developments at OEMs
Recent developments at OEMs have led to a series of new oil specifications. Kroon-Oil has developed a number of new products and updated its existing product range to continue to meet the new and stricter requirements of the manufacturers. For example, various European car manufacturers (such as BMW, Renault and PSA) have developed new engine tests for the classification of lubricants. These modified tests, in turn, impose stricter requirements on the motor oil.
New products and updates
These developments are not only taking place in Europe. The Japanese / American ILSAC organization and the American API (American Petroleum Institute) have also issued new specifications; ILSAC GF-6 and API SP, respectively. The aforementioned developments have led to the introduction of four new products, namely: 
Helar MSP+ 5W-40
Specifications: ACEA C3 | API SN | BMW Longlife-04 | MB 229.31/229.51/229.52 | Porsche C40 | VW 511.00 | GM dexos 2 | Renault RN0700/RN0710
Meganza MSP 5W-30
Specifications: ACEA C3 | Renault RN17
Meganza MSP FE 0W-20
Specifications: ACEA C5 | Renault RN17 FE
Enersynth FE 0W-16
Specifications: API SP Resource Conserving | ILSAC GF-6B
A large number of products have also been upgraded and now have the API SP approval.
Xedoz FE 5W-30 now meets the new ILSAC GF-6A requirements. To ensure the correct application of these products, always consult our website on
Kroon-Oil webinar
In a recently held webinar, Kroon-Oil updated its international customers about the background of this
product update. From now on, Kroon-Oil will organize webinars on a regular basis under the heading “Experts’ Sessions ” to update its customers on developments in the field of lubricants. With over 100 international participants during this first session, the lubricants expert certainly had a successful debut.