On September 25, an online conference of distributors of Gazpromneft-Lubricants products was held. 500 partners from 40 countries took part in the event. The company presented a new digital distribution network management system, which will increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with partners.

Especially for its distributors, Gazpromneft-Lubricants has developed a set of 5 digital modules for managing the customer base, transactions and sales personnel, marketing programs and integration with accounting systems. The main core of the new software package will be the customer relationship management (CRM) module - a fundamental tool for maintaining a customer base, forecasting sales, analyzing the work with transactions of each distributor and manager. For the convenience of working at any time and in any place, two modules have been developed - a mobile application and a module for web browsers. Sales managers will be able to work with the client base in a convenient interface. The Marketing Investment Management Module will provide distributors with ready-made solutions for connecting to marketing programs and incentive promotions. In order to automate the transmission of data on sales and product balances in distributors' warehouses, a module for integration with accounting systems has been developed, which will improve the quality of production planning and, accordingly, eliminate deviations in actual shipments to partners.
The company's distributors will be connected to the distribution network management system in the first half of next year. Business digitalization is based on the experience and practice of the world's largest FMCG companies. When introducing new products and solutions, the company turns to distributors for feedback, with a request on how to optimize interaction processes, thanks to this, a plan is formed for developing new digital products and improving service.