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Since its founding in 1906, the company Kroon-Oil has become a leader in lubricants production. Kroon-Oil products are now sold all over the world. As an independent producer and a specialist, the company is able to respond quickly to market changes and the specific requirements of customers. Kroon-Oil supplies lubricants for passenger cars and trucks, as well as for industrial, marine and agricultural equipment. Kroon-Oil products meet the international requirements of of automobile manufacturers, and also the army and the government's requirements. Questions of quality and service - is a priority in the company of Kroon-Oil. In laboratories, specialists use modern technology to explore new opportunities to respond to market changes. These studies and continuous monitoring of production - your guarantee of quality of Kroon-Oil products.

Motor oils TM «Kroon-Oil» have the following properties:

  • Minimum mileage 10,000 km.
  • Very high and stable viscosity index.
  • Fast idle start.
  • Protecting the lubricating film even at very high temperatures.
  • Very good detergency and dispersancy properties.
  • Low rate of sulfated ash.
  • Powerful security features that reduce the deterioration of piston rings and cylinder liners.
  • Reduced fuel consumption for all types of engines.


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